Swamp Cooler Installation & Repair by Fix-It 24/7 | North Denver, CO
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  • Swamp Coolers


  • Swamp Cooler Installation & Repair

    Air conditioning alternatives are just around the corner; if you’re in the Denver metro area including Boulder, call Fix-It 24/7 for Swamp Cooler Installation and Repair Services.

    When it gets warm in Denver, you may be searching for a way to keep the temperature in your home down without your energy bills shooting up. If you’re looking for an energy efficient and safe alternative to a standard air conditioning system, a Swamp Cooler may be the best option for your household.

    Like Evaporative Coolers, Swamp Coolers also use water evaporation and fans to keep the cool air flowing throughout your home. In the dry areas of Denver, a swamp cooler only needs a constant flow of water to keep working properly.

    Fix-It 24/7 Swamp Cooler Repair

    Employees of Fix-It 24/7 Plumbing, Heating & Air are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to repairing and installing Swamp Coolers in a home or business.

    We will offer expert advice, information, and suggestions when it comes to finding a device that will save you money and be the most efficient system for your needs. Although Swamp Coolers only use water to cool your home, the pads inside of the Swamp Coolers need to be replaced every couple of years, which Fix-It 24/7 is experienced in repairing.

    We’d love to repair or install a Swamp Cooler for your home or business to save you money, energy, and keep you and your family cool! Call for a free estimate today.

    When Your House is in Trouble, Call the Green Bubble. Schedule an appointment with Fix-It 24/7 at 303-214-0277, day or night.