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Fix-It 24/7 Featured On KWGN’s Colorado’s Best Segment


KWGN-TV of Tribune Broadcasting and Colorado’s own channel 2 just featured us on their segment, Colorado’s Best. We couldn’t be any happier! We are so grateful for the opportunity to showcase our expertise in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries. So thank you, KWGN, for the feature!

Anyway, autumn is here! And while we are so looking forward to the beautiful vibrant reds, golds and oranges of our Aspen trees, we also have to prepare our homes for cold evenings and early mornings. We are expecting the temperature this October to have a high of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of around 36 degrees Fahrenheit in the Denver region. During this time of the year, we have to make the necessary preparations to keep our homes warm and cozy not only for our loved ones but even for our pets, too. Bryant’s amazing heating and cooling solutions will keep the temperature in your homes constant and our experienced, licensed and skilled team of expert technicians will ensure that these appliances are installed and maintained properly.

Watch Colorado’s Best video and learn more about what we can do for you today. The highlights of this short interview include:

  • Fix-It 24/7’s 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Fix-It 24/7’s No Overtime Pay
  • Fix-it 24/7’s Reliable Service, Available 24/7, No Holidays and No Weekends
  • Bryant’s Amazing Evolution Series Cooling & Heating Systems
  • A Testimonial from our satisfied customer, Richard and
  • A lot of discounts and freebies!

Watch the video until the end to learn more about our latest promos! And remember, don’t forget to tell your friends about us! Thank you for your support!

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Why Bryant Factory Authorized Dealership Is A Big Deal

bryant fad

Fix-It 24/7 Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical takes pride not only in the excellent plumbing, heating and electrical services we provide. We also take pride in being the #1 Bryant Factory Authorized in Colorado. You might ask, “Why is this designation important at all?” Well, being given this dealership is important for a lot of reasons.

A Bryant Factory Authorized Dealership Entails:


1. Unparalleled Performance Guarantee

Did you know that not all contractors are given the privilege to become a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer? In fact, only less than 5% of service providers in the country is given this designation. This means that when you transact with a BFAD contractor, you’re guaranteed top-notch performance, professionalism and exemplary customer service.

2. NATE Certification

Bryant Factory Authorized Dealers earn the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Certification. This is the primary certification program for technicians in the heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration industries. In fact, this is the only certification or test that is supported by the entire industry.  What does this mean for you as a home or business owner? This means that when you get your appliance from us and let us install and maintain it for you, you are guaranteed not only the highest quality appliance but also efficient installation, superb maintenance as well as Factory Authorized Parts that ensure the utmost efficacy and performance of your HVAC system.

3. Warranty

Bryant has confidence not only on their products but also on the skills and performance of their dealers. With this being said, a 1-year guarantee is provided to customers for residential add-on and replacement installations. This guarantee is provided in writing by the dealer and applies from the date of the installation. To learn more about warranties, feel free to call us at 303-659-3400!

Common Furnace Problems You Should Watch Out For

common furnace problems
Image by Stuart Miles at

A furnace is indispensable most especially during winter months when the weather becomes unbearable cold. Indeed, your heating system provides you  great convenience and makes your home a comfortable place to live in. Without it, you would have to endure cold nights or manually light up a fireplace just to keep yourselves warm. However, you should know that a furnace requires regular maintenance to keep it at tip-top shape. And to help keep you informed, here’s a list of the most common furnace issues that you should watch out for!

  1. Dirty Filters

Dirty filters may not seem like a big concern for most of you but these should be taken care and cleaned right away. Dirt and durst can clog the filters and affect the airflow negatively. When that happens, your furnace will find it more difficult to work efficiently. In fact, clogged filters may even damage the furnace’s light switch which is responsible for controlling the fan.

  1. Malfunctioning Electric Ignition and Pilot Control Issues

When these parts get damaged, it will make keeping your home or business warm. So be very observant and seek the help of professionals once you encounter problems. Remember, a malfunctioning pilot light may be caused by thermocouple issues, draft or clogs in the heating system.

  1. Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat may lead to problems with the furnace’s fan or may also affect your home’s comfort levels. In other words, the furnace may not be able to warm up your home when its thermostat is not working.

  1. Furnace Not Heating Up At All

If a furnace fails to warm up your home at all, it may have issues with the thermostat setting or its power supply (electric or gas). It could be caused by a damaged pilot light, too.

  1. Inadequate Heating

When a furnace isn’t making your house warm enough, you might have to check its filters. They may already be dirty and clogged. If they are, you should simply clean them. Otherwise, you may have to upgrade your heating system.

  1. Frequent On and Off

If your furnace turns on and off quite too frequently, it may indicate a clogged filter, a wrong thermostat setting or improper airflow. Again, have professionals check the appliance for you.

  1. Continuously Running Blower

If your furnace’s blower continuously runs, there may be a problem with the limit switch. If the problem is confirmed, that part should be replaced immediately.

  1. Noisy Furnace

A noisy furnace that produces rumbling, rattling or squeaking sounds isn’t in good condition at all. These kinds of reverberations indicate a problem with the appliance itself, a clogged burner or airflow issues.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our blog on common furnace problems. If you are experiencing issues with your furnace at the moment, just call a licensed Thornton CO HVAC technician. Fix-It 24/7 Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electric provides reliable HVAC services in Thornton CO including duct work repairs, furnace installation and repairs, furnace humidifier installation, HVAC inspection, thermostat repair and many more! Call us now at 303-659-3400 or visit our website to schedule a service!

Check out this video that features furnace troubleshooting!

Fix-It 247 At The Boulder Home And Garden Fair 2015

The Boulder Home and Garden Fair 2015 is a much-awaited annual event that every homeowner must attend. It is an avenue for vendors, landscape and garden experts and local builders to showcase their products and services. It also provides a wide array of home improvement ideas, designs, concepts and inspirations that will help homeowners improve their living environments.

Just last May 16th, the 7th Boulder Home and Garden Fair took place at the 29th Street Retail District. The event was a cornucopia of home improvement ideas as over 65 vendors demonstrated their products and services, provided free samples and showcased various wares that were on sale. These included plants and flowers, home décor items, tree houses and many more. Even our local energy and sustainable living experts were there. And to make the event even more enjoyable, the gourmet food truck Verde kept everyone full while Old Cool’s Rock Band played music. Of course, Fix-It 24/7 was there all day, too! We enjoyed our first show stand and pleased to have most than 100 people came over. Check out our pictures with A-Team: Matt Long, Brian Van Dusen, Dr. Dirk Schmidt and Drew Herlevich.
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Basic Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

plumbing tips for homeowners
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You just can’t tell when a plumbing emergency will arise. You may discover that your toilet is clogged first thing in the morning. Your faucet may leak while you’re cleaning your pots and pans. Your water heater may stop supply hot water to your fixtures. Your drains may get blocked up and back up. And while we cannot avoid emergencies, we can at least lessen their occurrence through regular maintenance and basic plumbing tips. Here are some valuable tips you should know as a homeowner:

  1. Never ever pour grease, fat or cooking oil down the drain. At low temperature, oil will solidify and block the pipes.
  2. The installation of strainers on your drains will prevent the entry of soap scum, debris, hair and other substances that may clog the pipes. Make sure that you have your drains covered.
  3. When using your garbage disposal systems, leave it on for a few seconds before grinding stuff in there. After using, turn the tap on and run it for 15 seconds , too. Doing so will help flush waste substances down the drain.
  4. Never grind bones, carrots, banana peels, stringy food items, rice, pasta and chicken skin in your garbage disposal system. These items may stick to the components of the machine and jam it.
  5. The washing machine is also an indispensable plumbing appliance that makes your daily life convenient. To prevent clogs in your main drain, make sure that you’ll put a wire trap or pantyhose at the end of the washer’s drain hose. These things will catch the soil, dirt and lint that are supposed to flow out of the hose with the soiled water.
  6. Condoms, cotton balls, cotton swabs, diapers, sanitary napkins, wipes, cigarette butts and even facial scrub pads should not get flushed down the toilet. These things will totally block the pipelines.
  7. If you believe that your toilet tank is leaking, you can simply pour a few drops of food color into it. If the water in the bowl turns the same color, the leak is confirmed. Have a professional fix the components of the tank for you.
  8. When your water heater stops working or when its tank leaks, turn its power supply off.
  9. Insulate your water heater tank and its supply pipes to increase its efficiency.
  10. Slow drains signify a budding clog. Address the problem right away by cleaning the drains. But remember, don’t use drain cleaners with harsh chemical content. You can go for good old baking soda and vinegar instead.

We hope that you enjoyed reading these plumbing tips for homeowners. Remember, at the onset of a plumbing problem, don’t hesitate to call the most reliable Brighton CO plumbers. Fix-It 24/7 Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric provides reputable plumbing services in Brighton CO including drain cleaning, hot water heater repair, sewer cleaning, toilet repair, faucet repair and many more! Call us now at 303-659-3400 or visit our website to schedule a service!

Learn the three big no-nos of DIY plumbing! Watch this video now.

Take Advantage Of Xcel Energy Rebates And Cut Down Your Monthly Bill

Xcel energy rebates
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How much are you paying every month for your electricity consumption? According to research, American homes pay about $120 to $200 monthly. Here’s a quick look at the states that pay the highest average monthly electrical bill:

  • Hawaii: $203.15
  • Alabama: $135.26
  • South Carolina: $131.64
  • Maryland: $129.00
  • Texas: $128.27

If you are spending as much every month, you might want to take advantage of Xcel Energy rebates. Did you know that cooling and heating appliances typically account for 50% of your energy bill? Yes, you read that right. But by buying energy-efficient heating and cooling appliances and signing up for Xcel Energy’s rebates program, you’ll be able to cut down your energy bills without compromising the comfort in your home. And saving money isn’t the only thing that’s good about this program. What’s even better is that you can enjoy the rebates throughout the life of your air conditioner or furnace and your appliances won’t harm the environment, too.

Here are the details of the rebates program. Remember, you must sign up and send your application before August 2015. For more details, feel free to consult with us at Fix-It 24/7 or check Xcel Energy’s website.

Air Conditioning Rebates


High-Efficiency Cooling (AC or ASHP) New $0
SEER 14.5, EER 12 or less Trade-in $500
Maximum rebate $500
New $350
SEER 15, EER 12.5 (Tier 1) Trade-in $500
Maximum rebate $850
New $500
SEER 16, EER 13 (Tier 2) Trade-in $500
Maximum rebate $1,000
New $650
SEER 17, EER 13 (Tier 3) Trade-in $500
Maximum rebate $1,150

Heating Rebates


Appliance Efficiency Rebate
Natural Gas Furnace 95% AFUE* $120
ECM** $100 $200***
Natural Gas Boiler 85% AFUE $100

*Effective June 6, 2014
**Effective May1, 2014
***Installed and rebate application postmarked/emailed, between November 15, 2014 and March 31, 2015

Meanwhile, watch this video that features valuable energy-saving tips for homeowners!

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Fix-It 24/7’s DIY Home Maintenance Schedule


We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” And you know what? This adage doesn’t only apply on matters pertaining to health but also on the proper care and maintenance of our homes. The plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems are all vital components that make your house a comfortable place to live in. Not only that, preventive maintenance also saves you lots of money for unwanted repairs. As mechanics put it, a 30-dollar expense on oil change will save you $3000 on a new engine. The same thing goes with your home. Regular and consistent care of your plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems will avoid problems that result to costly expenses.  

With these being said, let us share with you our DIY home maintenance schedule! Follow this chart and you’ll surely keep your homes at tip-top condition. And remember, “If your house is in trouble, call the green bubble.” Fix-It 24/7’s team is comprised of the most reliable Brighton HVAC technicians! We provide the best HVAC services in Brighton CO including air conditioning, home heating, plumbing, electrical and more! Call us now at 303-659-3400 or visit our website to schedule a service!

DIY home maintenance schedule

Beep Beep! Introducing Fix It 247’s Installation Truck!

Fix It 247 installation truckHi everyone! We want to introduce to you our awesome installation truck! It’s basically a shop on wheels! It comes complete with all the materials and supplies needed for installation and repair services.  Our truck allows us to perform a complete installation of a furnace or an air conditioning system. It even has a workbench area for duct fabrication. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Because of the truck, we never have to leave your home once we knock on your doorstep to complete the job. Here are some information that you might want to know.

What’s the installation truck used for?


We use it only for services that involve the installation, maintenance and repair of furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, boilers and swamp coolers. Its main purpose is to complete such large projects without needing to travel back and forth our office or supply shops to get materials, supplies and equipment. You should take note though that it is not meant for service jobs like camera sewer inspections, septic tank pumping or sewer line cleanings.

Does the truck have all the supplies needed for HVAC jobs?


Yes, the truck is already downright equipped. It’s like a one-stop-shop where we can get all the tools and HVAC supplies to complete projects. You won’t even have to worry about parts and fittings because we can provide these, too.

What if you want to provide your own supplies? Is it okay?


Yes, you can provide your own supplies and materials if you want to. For instance, if you want to provide your own water heater and just require the services of our professional plumbers, that’s fine. We will just send our service truck for such as task.

We have been sharing DIY tips and guides on our website. Does that mean that we recommend do-it-yourself plumbing, electrical and HVAC projects?


Some people are into DIY HVAC, plumbing and electrical projects BUT there is absolutely NO JOB that we will ever recommend you do on your own. We only share guides and tips on our website just for illustration purposes, so that our loyal customers know how we do things.

Remember, while changing shower heads or leaking faucets are easy, you should know that complex jobs that involve the installation of plumbing and HVAC appliances or electrical panels should ONLY be done by TRAINED, EXPERIENCED and LICENSED PROFESSIONALS. You should never compromise the safety of your loved ones or your very property. Accidents do happen and to prevent them, you have to rely on trusted professionals who are experts in the trade. That’s why we are here. We can take care of your plumbing, HVAC and electrical needs with utmost EXCELLENCE and GUARANTEED SAFETY. We even offer warranties on services we offer because we are confident that we can accomplish projects safely and that we can handle problems that may arise, just in case.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our installation truck! If you need plumbing, electrical and HVAC services, just call the most reliable Louisville CO HVAC technicians. Fix-It 24/7 provides top-notch HVAC services in Louisville CO including air conditioning installation and repairs, heating installation and repairs, plumbing services, water filtration services, electrical services and many more! Just visit our website or call us at303-659-3400 to schedule a service!