If you’ve ever had to have a pipe repaired outside your home, already know that it can be a huge and disruptive process for your whole house and yard. Rather than put your family through that, a trenchless sewer line repair or replacement can keep your yard and driveway intact!

Skip the upheaval and use a method of laying new pipes where old pipes lay. This process replaces old pipes without digging up your yard. A small camera is dropped into the existing line to inspect for issues and problem areas. Then our plumbing specialists fill the current pipes with an epoxy that is pulled through to provide an extra lining and reinforce the existing pipes. There is literally NO digging!

Your Fix-it 24/7 plumbing expert can provide more information on the process as well as the disruptions that can be avoided by using the trenchless sewer repair. Call us today to learn more about this high performance alternative, 303-659-3400.

The underground plumbing repair can last up to 50 years, but your work is not considered complete until you’re entirely happy with it. Every Fix-it 24/7 repair is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If your sewer line is in the need of repair, look no farther than Denver’s best and most honest plumbing repair team, Fix-It 24/7. Our licensed, specially trained and highly qualified plumbing specialists provide service that are second-to-none at prices that cannot be beat! We service the entire North Denver metro area, including Brighton, Boulder, Lafayette and surrounding areas.

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