The value of an efficient working thermostat cannot be over emphasized. You may have been informed that a thermostat has a life span of about 35 years. This is true, but it isn’t the entire picture. New technology is constantly coming out with ways to improve the thermostat which means you can upgrade your thermostat and as a result can expect big savings on your utility bill. You will also have better safety features and interesting add-ons that will make life easier and your cooling and heating more efficient.

Save Money

Experts in heating and cooling systems have said that you can save up to $173 a year with a programmable thermostat. This was computed in 2011 and this year the savings has become even more impressive with up to 15% cut on your power bills. A smart thermostat works much better because you can customize it according to your preference and lifestyle.

Being energy-efficient, you can afford to keep it on 24/7 but with programmable auto adjustments. This means if you step out, you can program it to adjust so it consumes less energy while the house is empty. You’ll also enjoy never having to get up in the middle of the night to make adjustments to your thermostat, or come home to an uncomfortable home.

Easy-To-Use, Quick Installation

With a new digital thermostat, installation is quick. The same goes with repairs because our technicians are experienced and well trained in diagnosing and fixing digital thermostat problems.

The digital thermostats we recommend and will install for you in your home are easy to operate, look amazing, and even have backlights for adjustments to be made in the dark. All the displays are easy to view, adjust with soft touch buttons, and come with a manual that explains in simple terms how to use the device.

More importantly, digital thermostats are precise. They are a lovely way to pamper you and your family inexpensively. Should you want to get yours installed today, give us a call and be scheduled for a milestone transition to smart technology.

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