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  • Circuit Breakers & Fuse Boxes


  • Circuit Breakers & Fuse Boxes

    Every home has an electrical panel. It is absolutely necessary for every electrical system in order to take the electricity that comes in and deliver to the areas where you need it most.

    The electricity is branched out into different circuits known as branch circuits These are connected to your electrical panel, you know, the grey box where you go when an overloaded circuit has shut down power to a part of your home.

    The problem with electrical panels is that they can be quite dangerous. If you have an older home built before the 1970 you may have a fuse box. Fuse boxes are still considered electrical panels, but they use fuses rather than breakers. When a fuse blows you will have to replace it. When a breaker “trips,” all you have to do is manually flip it back on.

    Electrical Panel Safety

    According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical failure or malfunction factored in 45,000 to 55,000 home structure fires reported to the U.S. fire departments every year since 2000.

    These fire resulted in 455 civilian deaths, 1,5000 civilian injuries, and 1.5 billion in direct property damage during 2007-2011. One of the major causes of these electrical fires comes from a malfunctioning or improperly installed circuit breaker.

    When there are more devices plugged into your circuit breaker, there is a greater demand on your panel and a greater risk of short circuits, overloads and other problems with your circuit breaker.

    This is why most homes that have fuses boxes should have their electrical panel replaced with a circuit breaker type. This is because modern day circuit breakers are more able to deal with high electrical loads and protect your home against electrical hazards.

    If your circuit breakers or fuses keep overloading, that is a pretty clear indication that you need more power. It can be dangerous and costly to continue to overload your circuits. In such cases, it is best to speak with an electrician to add another circuit, replace your aging panel, or install a sub-panel to handle the added load.

    Signs You Replace Your Electrical Panel

    • Flickering lights
    • Signs of corrosion or burning
    • Frequently tripping breakers/blown fuses
    • Buzzing sounds
    • Burning smells (sulfur/rotten egg smell)
    • Electrical problems that seem to come and go

    Federal Pacific or Zinsco Electrical Panels

    If you have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco service panel, you should have it replaced by a professional as soon as possible. These panels are notoriously dangerous and have been the defendant in class action suits that prove their ineffectiveness at shunting dangerous electrical situations.

    Yearly Electrical Safety Inspections

    Manufacturers, fire fighters, and electricians agree that you should have your electrical system inspected every year for proper operation.

    Contact Fix-It 24/7 for expert electrical panel installation, inspection, and repair. We also have maintenance plans available for your plumbing, heating and air systems. During these semi-annual inspections, we will make sure everything is working safely and efficiently.

    Call our expert team and experience our excellent customer service. We provide services for the entire Denver area including: Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Superior, Broomfield, Westminster, Northglenn and everywhere in between.

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