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  • Toilet Troubleshooting - Problems and Solutions

    Easy Toilet Troubleshooting | Problems & Solutions

    February 2, 2018

    When you flush the toilet, a trip lever lifts the chain, which is connected to the rubber flange at the bottom of the tank. When the stopper lifts up, water in the tank rushes into the bowl via flush passages.[Read More...]

    Water Softener Benefits - Denver Plumber

    The Many Benefits of Water Softeners | Have Hard Water?

    January 19, 2018

    Hard water is not, as you may assume, water that freezes into a solid. Hard water is an entirely different problem from frozen pipes. You can usually tell if you have hard water by the scale and buildup it forms[Read More...]

    How to Prevent and Thaw Frozen Pipes - Denver Plumbing

    How to Prevent & Thaw Frozen Pipes

    January 5, 2018

    Much of country is experiencing freezing temperatures, prompting comparisons to Mars and the South Pole. While experienced homeowners know all too well the dangers of frozen temperatures on their home and plumbing systems, many newbies have learned the hard way[Read More...]

    Sump Pump 101 - Sump Pump Buying Guide

    Sump Pump 101 | How to Choose the Right Sump Pump

    December 29, 2017

    Have you ever scooped up water or had to use a shop vacuum to remove excess water from your basement? If so, speak with a professional plumber about installing a sump pump to remove the excess water for you. If[Read More...]

    Plumbing Tips for Parties Gatherings Get Togethers

    Plumbing Prevention Tips for Parties and Large Gatherings

    December 15, 2017

    Sometimes, we take our modern plumbing system for granted. They provide us with clean and convenient water on demand, protecting us from more communicable diseases than any medical advancement. Unfortunately, when improperly maintained, otherwise reliable plumbing systems can fail, so[Read More...]