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  • Emergency and Stand-By Generators

    For generator installation or repair in your Colorado home, call Fix-It 24/7 Plumbing, Heating & Air in Denver. A residential backup generator reduces your homeowner’s insurance, and increases security for your home and family in the case of an emergency or blackout.

    A generator will start up automatically, to keep you powered on when you need it the most. You can continue to use your heating and cooling systems and electronics and appliances even when houses around you have lost power.

    Ask the experts at Fix-It 24/7 for more information on the importance of a generator in your home. You can choose from backup/standby/whole-home generators or portable generators. We will help you decide on the right unit for your home’s needs.

    Benefits of a Backup Generator:

    • 1. Starts up quickly for automatic power
    • 2. Family and home are safe during emergencies
    • 3. Continued use of HVAC system and electronics during blackouts
    • 4. Prevents electrical damage
    • 5. Significant value added to the home
    • 6. Reduces insurance & deters theft

    Standby Generators

    These days, with so much relying on electrical equipment, it’s important to have backup power in the case of power outage or emergency. This is especially true if you or anyone in your household relies on medical equipment that relied on electrical power.

    If the thought of going days without power is frightening to you, contact a professional electrician about standby generator options today. Owning a backup generator is as easy as calling Fix-It 24/7.

    When there is a power outage, you won’t be able to use any of the following:

    • Computer
    • Internet
    • Fridge
    • Heating & Cooling
    • TV/Radio
    • Electrically powered medical equipment
    • Security Systems
    • Kitchen Appliances
    • Lights, Fans, and anything else that relies on electrical power

    Call our expert team for more information on the importance of having a backup generator in your home. We provide services for the entire Denver area including: Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Superior, Broomfield, Westminster, Northglenn and everywhere in between.

    When Your House is in Trouble, Call the Green Bubble. Schedule an appointment with Fix-It 24/7 at 303-214-0277, day or night.